About Me

Writer, Linguist, Educator

Although I thought I'd be an expat living in exotic locales, I now write from the gorgeous city of Golden, Colorado very close to where I grew up. And there's nothing better than hiking, yoga, good coffee, and time with my little family--especially since life as an expat was all the same activities minus the little family.

I basically never left college and have an MA in Applied Linguistics, a BA in writing and film, and advanced training for teaching language learners and students in an urban setting.

With ten years in the education industry and four in nonprofit, my passion is writing to help people and telling stories that inspire them.


I’ve been fortunate to have my work featured in a variety of publications and to have collaborated on projects that benefit students locally and children across the nation.


Take a look at my writing portfolio and get in touch for help with your writing project!

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